Photos from Japan – Mooneyes Yokohama – Part 1 of 2 –24/10/13

Although I’ve never known much about American hot-rod culture, or even older American muscle cars, once I began piecing my Japan trip together, I knew that I’d have to make the trip down and checkout the iconic Mooneyes Area-1 and the attached Moon Cafe


I’d been told to expect a few cool cars parked out the front of Mooneyes, but I really didn’t expect to see such an immaculate collection of classics sitting out on the footpath.


Nor did I expect to see this!



Looking cool as hell covered in gold glitter, this ‘Moon Buggy’ really did catch my attention. Finished with awesome artwork, lots of polish and those wide wheels covered with Moon Discs and wrapped in vintage rubber.


Although, as cool as the cars were out the front, they really weren’t what I traveled down to see.



Every good trip to Mooneyes it seems, begins with a good feed at the Moon Cafe, an awesome ’60s style diner with a great burger menu (in English!) From memory the meal service runs from about 11:00AM to 2:00PM, so it’s a bit of a narrow window but the food is well worth the effort!


For about $13 Australian Dollars, you can grab yourself one of the best burgers that Japan has to offer, with an awesome milkshake on the side.


After a great feed, the next thing on the list was to step next door into the Mooneyes Area-1 shop. The bottom floor is filled with clothing, stickers and bits and pieces of memorabilia. If you look around though, you’ll also see all sorts of framed and signed photos on the walls from Salt Flat racing in the states. Very cool in-deed. Out the back they’ve also got a little showroom for motorcycle parts, but if you’re into cars, the real action is all upstairs.


Even compared to a visit to UpGarage, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of stock that sits on the shelves at Mooneyes.


Aside from the walls and walls of ‘Moon Equiped’ parts, there’s also heaps of parts from old school American parts makers, and New-Old-Stock items everywhere you look. Whether it’s a new steering wheel or set of floor-mats for your Kombi-van, or a new carby cit and gauges for your V8, this place has you covered.


Not to mention plenty of other items on display for you to drool over …


Next week, I’ll take you out the back of Mooneyes Area-1 to check out some more of the amazing vehicles that the shop has on display.

Stay tuned!

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