Photos from Japan – Mooneyes Yokohama – Part 2 of 2 –24/10/13

Continuing from last weeks post exploring the interior of Mooneyes Area-1, this week I thought we’d take a look at some of the amazing vehicles parked around the Mooneyes facility.


Stepping through the motorcycle parts showroom and out through the back-door of the Mooneyes store, one of the first cars that I came across was this old Toyota Longbed Ute, and in front of it a Hilux van. contrasting strongly against the vehicles parked out the front, I was beginning to really see the diversity that Mooneyes is known for.


Looking to the left though was when my jaw completely dropped.


Inside this small garage were two of the nicest old Chevrolet Camaros that I’ve ever seen in my life, along with immaculate bikes and all sorts of Americana and Mooneyes memorabilia on the walls.

889 890

Continuing to walk around the outside of the facility, I spotted this late-50’s Ford Thunderbird, which was actually getting it’s own photoshoot.


With this tidy little scooter, parked just around the corner.


Checkout the cool little details!


Opposite from the shop was a large open-air carpark. Although it could have just been filled with normal cars, the bright yellow paint stood out to me, so I thought I’d take a glance.


From trucks …


… to kombi vans …


… to VIP luxury …


… to modern Japanese hatch’s, this carpark could easily serve as a rolling display of Mooneyes parts. I mean, look at how awesome these Mooneyes wheels look on this little Honda.

898 899

And considering the large trucks parked at the end of the row, I think that’s exactly what it might be.


Along with all the cars, there was also a fair selection of cool scooters and bikes, including this tough old thing, but my attention was pretty well stolen when I noticed the covered vehicle in the background.


Even though it was hiding under the tarp, just seeing this old girl like this was enough for me.


I really enjoyed my trip to Mooneyes, and I’ll certainly be back there again on my next trip. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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