Looking back – Best of 2012

When I started ‘Zero Promises‘ back in February of 2012, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted this website to be. After spending almost a year photographing various JDMST and Hardtuned events, my biggest initial motivation for creating this website was simply to ensure that I maintained control of any hosted images I shared on forums. Beyond that though, I really didn’t know what I was doing.


Since 2012, a great deal has changed in my life. I finished uni, changed jobs, changed life goals, moved home, spent lots of money, worked on cars and even went back to japan for a holiday. However what came as a bit of a surprise to me was that through it all, this site still stands.


More than that though, having the site and treating it more like a job than a hobby has really allowed me to focus on my photography, and force myself to learn more about the art form …


And make some great friends.


Taking the camera out of the bag to cover events has been generally awesome as well.


Motivating me to get out of the house and experience events that I might otherwise have stayed at home for.


The series of short track events at QR are probably a good case in point, often placed on a friday night right after I finished uni, and running well into the time I should have been using to prepare for my Saturday job.


Still, looking back I’m so glad I was there, not only to capture the events …


But also to immortalize some of the cars that were around back then.


As well as Iconic cars that made their way up for one off events.


Not to mention going home and seeing some of the brilliant lucky shots I might have made.


Even carpark events proved to be great fun, learning how to shoot without a tripod.


And to begin capturing people more and more within the images, adding life to an otherwise sterile scene. Admittedly, something I’m still working on to this day.


More than all of that though, my new attitude to photography really made me change the way I viewed my camera. Rather than something that I only took out for events, the camera started traveling with me wherever I went. The upshot was shoots like this, a random car just parked on the road that I might have otherwise missed. And, chances are If i didn’t jump out and start snapping, I might not have ever met Zach the owner, which would have sucked.


Or god forbid, never seen Rob’s Super Six!

So … what’s all this leading to? Keep an eye on the page to find out.

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