Looking back – Best of 2013 – and what’s to come in 2014

As mentioned in the 2012 post, this website was simply started as a container for my photos, a place that I could ensure links would stay active, and images wouldn’t disappear, but coming into 2013, the website had changed my view of photography rather dramatically.


So much so that when I traveled to Melbourne earlier in the year for PAX, even though I knew there would be slim opportunities to photograph cars, I simply couldn’t go anywhere without a camera in hand.




Whether it was just the thrill of playing around with my first proper film camera, or something else, at this point I think even my girlfriend was becoming frustrated by this new-found addiction.


But this new opportunity to photography was also to bring good things too.


In some ways I became far less critical of my own work. Not that I would worry a great deal before, but having a camera with me all the time also helped me to being thinking more creatively about shot angles and composition.


Not to mention exposure when talking about film.


I also continued to get down to the track as much as possible through 2013. Although I never really made it to any night events aside from Harley’s shakedown before Matsuri, I had an awesome time at several morning sessions, events I didn’t make it to in 2012.


But probably the biggest event in the year was my trip to Japan.


Although I still arrived in-country with about 8 rolls of 35mm, by the end of the trip I’d consumed 24 rolls of film, just capturing the amazing sights.910

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to travel around Japan unless you’ve been, but I can honestly say that the addiction has well and truly kicked in now. Every night I miss wandering the streets.


I miss the awesome 11 – 7 trading hours of most stores, the variety, the colour, the ease of transport. How affordable everything was, and how nice everyone was.


Not to mention the food.


But I think the thing that I’m most glad about from the trip is that I could take my camera with me. Although I’ve posted up a lot of content from Japan, there’s still more to come yet too!


However, coming home has left me feeling odd. After finishing uni, I’ve not really been able to do much with my games design degree. In-fact, about the only real 3D work I’ve done of late has just been sketching small car parts. So, even though this site has flourished with my photos, the year has been a bit bland in other ways.


But all the while, I continued to work on my Silvia, finally getting it to a point where I was starting to feel proud. The parts that I’d tracked down, the maintained condition of the car, and generally speaking the holistic (in my mind) retro style that I was applying to the vehicle.


Keeping to this theme has meant that for the last year I’ve been collecting all sorts of trinkets, magazines, brochures and other memorabilia from when my Silvia was made. All of which has made me start thinking about the scarcity of some aftermarket parts. Awesome components that seem to have been lost to time.


So, this coming year I want to look at changing that. Recently I’ve registered Zero Promises as a business. Although initially the website will provide an outlet for selling some of the parts I’ve gathered over the years, by the end of 2014 I’m hoping to have at least two products developed and available for purchase.

_Zero Promises - PinkYellowFade_Export

What kind of products? What I’m aiming to do is to resurrect products that I’ve discovered in old scans where possible, as well as make original components that still fit within a classic style. The big difference will be a focus on high quality – low volume production runs, ensuring as much product exclusivity as possible, whilst also keeping fitment issues to a minimum.

_Zero Promises - Neon_Export

To begin with there will certainly be a focus on S-chassis vehicles as this is simply what I know, but I’m really hoping to expand the business large enough that I’ll be able to make parts for other cars as well.

_Zero Promises - Space_Export

To help get things off the ground, and begin making this venture a reality, I’ll soon begin selling stickers with the above designs. Any purchase would go a long way to building the capital to allow me to begin serious consultations with local manufacturers, not to mention helping to cover the annual hosting costs of the website.


Still, as the site hits its second birthday, I want to confirm that despite this new venture, I’ll still continue my photography. Unfortunately this addiction can’t be kicked that easily, so expect regular content as always, with more scans and video than ever before too.

So thanks again for reading the blog, and expect more big news here throughout the next year!

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