Halfway Hangs – Drift Day – 8/2/14

A few weeks ago I decided to head down to an awesome event setup by the awesome organization, StreetKarnage, held down in New South Wales at one of the coolest tracks I’ve ever been to.


Raleigh Raceway is actually a track I’ve been somewhat familiar with growing up. With my grandparents living a mere 5 minutes away from the circuit, every time we visited them as a child, my grandfather would always take me down to the track and have a play with the go-carts.


However, this was the first time I’d ever seen anything like this going on in the paddock.

1158 1159

As the cars and videographers got themselves organized, I was honestly in awe of the atmosphere. The cool southern morning proving to be an awesome change from the ten-hundred degree QLD heat.

1160 1161 1162

More than that though, it was also awesome to finally see some of these cars in the flesh after admiring them in forum and blog posts over the years.

1163 11641165 1166 1167 1168 1169 1170

One of the cool features that I’d never really noticed about the circuit was the great grassy hill that overlooked the track.


Proving to be an awesome spot for people to hang out …


Whilst providing a great view of the fastest corners on the track.


As long as you could see over this stuff.


It didn’t take too long at all for the guys to get organized and begin making their way out on-track after a pretty quick scrutineering¬†process.Most of the guys made it through without any dramas …


And those that did get turned away were out on track not long after.

1177 1178 1179

After a quick sound check at 6k, it was all systems go.

1180 1181 11821183 1184

And then it began.


One of the other cool things about the circuit that I hadn’t really thought about was how technical it was for drifting.


Beginning with a short uphill run, sweeping down into the first right hand corner, followed by a hard left at the base and another hard right, this first segment of the track was really good to watch.

1188 1269.5126911851226

Following this, the drivers would run close to an undercover spectating area, and right past the pits, generally at full noise to carry speed into the next uphill, sweeping turn.


Up and over a rather tight crest …

1260 1261

Then downhill into a tight switch-back.

1273 12741240

Throughout the day this track really proved to be awesome for spectators, watching drivers improve in each section of the track.

1235 1236 12371238

The first segment of the circuit proved to be smooth for most, transitioning well onto the first straight.

1293 129412241225

And into the large, uphill turn.

1239 12891234127012411242 1243 12441256 125812571229 12301228122712881264 1265 12661271 12721220 1221

As the day went on it was awesome to see drivers push harder through this bend, adding more and more angle in each run.

1231 123312321295 1296 1297 12631262 1298 1299 13001287

However the next section of the track was without a doubt the best for drama. Although later in the day most of the guys were maintaining good speed across the crest, it took a while before most of the guys could sort out their line.

1291 12921212121312141215

Early on the entry proved to be tricky for some.

1197 1198

For one reason or another anyway!

1195 1196128112801189 1190

However it was the backside of the crest that seemed to catch out the most drivers.

1191 1192

Thankfully no-one binned it, however the commitment from some was very, very impressive.

121612171193 11941278 12791290

As the day went on though, pretty much all the drivers were able to get an awesome line coming down the hill.

1208 1209

Pretty much like this!

1275 1276 12771201 1202

And although there were a few dirt drops, all of them were really well held.

122212231282 12831199 12001267 12681284 1285 12861204 1205 1206 1207

But at the end of the day, no body does it like the guys from Hit’n’Run.


Even as the event was going on though, I really couldn’t help but think how amazing it all was.


To see so many amazing drivers from across Australia …


… laying it down on one of the coolest tracks in the country …

1253 1254

with some of the best weather summer could offer.


Thanks so much to the guys from StreetKarnage, Secret Drift, Raleigh Raceway and everyone else that helped to make the event possible.

I seriously can’t wait until next year!


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