Zach’s S130Z – Friday Night Drift Practice – 14/3/14

At any given practice night at Queensland Raceway, there’s always plenty of action to see.


In-fact, it really only takes a stroll through pit-lane on a friday night to see one of the reasons why Queensland’s drift scene is so great.


But take a quick squiz over the barrier and I can guarantee you’ll see about a thousand other reasons to come down and watch.


Spectating at QR really is one of the best ways to chill out on a Friday night, but honestly …


It’s always better when you come down to watch one of the coolest cars in Australia have a go at getting sideways.


Many, many moons ago I did feature of a friends Datsun Fairlady 280ZX on the site, an article which quickly became one of the most popular on the site. In-fact, the article was re-posted over and over again, dividing opinions everywhere. Well, after a long absence from the site, it’s back.


The first and probably most striking difference to the car would have to be the fresh white paint job, but things go much deeper. New additions like the C110 tailpanel finished in glitter black, and the destruction-defying underspoiler are pretty obvious, but others are a bit more subtle.


The new spoiler for example might not grab the attention of some, however it is in-fact one of the rarest pieces of aero for a 280ZX. Produced by the same aero company that made aero jackets for TA22’s and S30’s, this spoiler is very special in and of itself.


Other additions like the genuine Hiro side skirts and modified EP71 roof wing further push the envelope.


Other subtle changes have occurred inside too, with the addition of a digital cluster, Omori tachometer and Blitz water temperature gauge.


In-fact, at this stage about the only thing that’s stayed the same is the mental L27, triple-carb engine which, apart from now being protected by an MSD Soft Touch Rev-Limiter, is very much the same heart that was running this beast back when it was last featured. However, don’t expect things to stay the same here for much longer.


Back when the car was last featured, sitting nicely underneath the guards was a set of SSR Longchamps in amazing sizes. Sadly, these have been moved on for bigger and better things. However, in the meanwhile the car is still looking great on Zach’s old wheels. An incredibly rare set of Neale Rakers.


All-in-all it’s an amazing car.


Owned by a rad dude.


Still, the night wasn’t all about sitting around, this was to be Zach’s first time getting sideways.


After a few years as a highway cruiser, a few months back Zach began working on making this old beast skid-able. Although most of the hard work was already done thanks to the S13 coilover conversion and suspension work, a new diff had to be sourced along with the aforementioned rev limiter.


Impressively, the car went really, really well out on track all night long, as did Zach getting the hang of sliding his old Datsun.


Although I initially thought that the car would simply be too large and heavy to work well on track, I was certainly eating my words after the first few runs. It’s pretty clear to me now that although these are an old chassis, the wheelbase and track really do combine to create something very stable sideways.


Although it will definitely take a bit more tweaking of the suspension setup, and a fair bit more seat time before the old S130Z will be transitioning with grace, it was really awesome to see the car out on track.


I think you’ll agree; It really, really looked at home.


Still, there is one big thing that these pictures can’t display, and it’s really something that can’t go unmentioned. The amazing sound of that L27!

So, If you want to hear what an old S130Z sounds like while getting sideways, feel free to check out this raw video that I shot at the night:

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/89298613 w=830&h=476]
Until next time!

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