Scans: Speed Star Wheel Brochures

Although I normally just post photos here, from time to time I simply can’t resist sharing cool magazines and brochures that come into my possession. For the past few months I’ve been building a collection of brochures for various Japanese wheel and part manufactures through the ’80s and ’90s.

For this first lot of scans I thought it’d be cool to upload some of the SSR catalogues I’ve collected. Whilst this is by no means a comprehensive publication of their wheels, it does at least show a pretty wide variety of the cool products this company used to make back in the day.

To begin, check out this multi-page wheel guide! And that awesome cover!


Beyond the amazing cover, the first wheels on display are predictably the company’s biggest sellers. Although, one of the coolest additions to this page is the listing for the FL2. Although I was already somewhat familiar with this 10″ wheel, I certainly had no idea that there was a centrelock option. Furthermore, checkout the stars next to the MK1. Does this mean that there were gold MK1’s made at some point!?!


It’s on the second page that things start to get really interesting though! Check out the F2 wheel. Now, upon my first glance I (for some strange reason) thought that these looked like Hayashi Commands. The more I thought about this impromptu response, the more I realised how original this face design really is. The “Mesh” and F6 wheels also seem to be equally cool and uncommon, yet well documented here.


The next section of the brochure covered the 15″ wheel selection. Whilst most of this spread is well documented and easily obtainable, this for me was the first time I’d heard of the FF wheel series. Whilst I was well aware of the FF variations of the MK-2R and Mk-3R, I’d never known there was an earlier predecessor to these. But, the best part of this spread is the demo cars.


I mean, how can you not love this!


The final page of the catalog covers another model of wheel that I did not even know existed. The Mini 3.

Although I’m not really a huge fan of these, the fact that they appear to be a 1-peice wheel really does make these something special, considering that until this point SSR had built their reputation entirely on their multi-piece wheels.


After seeing those FF wheels in the previous catalog, I wanted to know if there was more documentation available. Although this next brochure might be a tad boring, it does certainly show the detail in the design of these wheels. Notice the mesh style bolts? If nothing else, this feature really does tie these wheels back to the Mk-2R / Mk-3R in my book. Also checkout the FF version of the “Win Mesh”!


So cool! Even if they are all only available in tiny sizes.


On the surface this brochure might look even more boring. I mean, we’ve all seen mesh before right? Well, take a good look at the back row. To all those who thought that SSR never made mesh in large sizes until recently, check out what you could get for your race car back in the day!


God only knows what 19″ x 15J ET -37 in a non-centrelock form would have suited back in the (presumably) late ’80s, but it’s certainly fun to imagine. Possibly a silhouette replica?


Another fun one that I’ve found is this EX-C Mesh leaflet. Why? Checkout the centrefold.


Is this not the single best spread in any document ever? Classic race-cars, and BMW M1’s with aero covers. I don’t care what you’re selling, I’m in.


In-fact yeah, I’d love a set of 16″ 10JJ – 29 Mesh wheels, with aero covers if you don’t mind.

The last page of this one is just glorious though. Some of the prettiest hardware to come out of Japan I’d say.


And now for the final document.1360



Not impressed by the simple centrefold. Check out these sizes, and the prices, then reconsider.

So, what’s the fuss all about? Well, have a read of this final page and feel your mind open. Yes, these actually existed. Yes, there might be some, somewhere lying around unappreciated. Can you imagine if a set popped up for sale? Starsorb Honeycoque. What do you think are the chances of anyone really knowing what they’ve found? Or even the chances of someone realising these were made by SSR?

In my opinion these are the holy grail of wheels. The true unicorn.


So let hunting season begin.

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