All Japanese Classic Day – 16/2/14

A few months back I attended, as I usually do, the annual All Japanese Classic Day hosted by the great people of the Seven of Clubs Mazda Club. Although last year I posted a great number of cars from the event, this year I just wanted to focus on relaxing with a few friends, so whilst I did snap a few photos, I certainly wouldn’t call it event coverage. However, I’ll be sure to get a good haul of images from the All Japanese Day coming next month.

So, in the meanwhile, enjoy the photos, and look forward to seeing more pics soon!

137513961376137813791377 13941393138613831380138113971382139113871385138413891398139913901400  1402 1403 14041401 1405 1406 1407 1408   141114091410 1412

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