Leigh’s Mazda 929 Coupe

If you speak to anyone of more than thirty, car person or not, everyone seems to have a special place in their heart for a particular car. Growing up, I always remember my mum telling me about her 929 coupe she had when she was younger, purchased brand new from a dealership. Not only was the car completely ahead of it’s time with a digital cluster, pop-up headlights, sunroof, power windows and a dashboard packed with more buttons than a spacecraft; it was also just an amazing car. Surprisingly however, an amazing car that history seems to have forgotten.


Back in the hey-dey of JDMST meets in Brisbane, I used to spend hours and hours online checking out other cars. I remember seeing so many cars come and go, (Rallye’s Silvia comes to mind) but I also remember seeing certain threads and being blown away. Leigh’s first 929 thread was one. For whatever reason, seeing that old car, on those terrible Rotas, with it’s god-awful Bunnings front lip and JDM as fuck stickers caught my imagination. I was in love with the ugly duckling.


Unfortunately, the red shell didn’t end up staying around, however it’s legend lived on as it was quickly replaced by something altogether more amazing. A two-tone, turbo 929. A car, that right from the get-go had big aspirations. Big flares, big wheels and over time attracted a big kit, and big smiles.


With an engine bay confusing enough to baffle local Highway Patrols …


… And an interior tough enough …


… not to mention comfortable enough to daily, this car really is the best of the best.


All topped off with the typical shakotan recipe for style.



Even though it took me a long, long time to finally see Leigh’s handy-work in the flesh, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I think thanks to this car alone, I’ve got yet another vehicle added to my ownership bucket list.


More soon.

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