Scans: Hiro Brochures

Although there’s plenty of names in automotive styling these days, back in the ’80s it was a much simpler world. If you wanted style, there was only one place to go. Hiro.



Recently I stumbled across these Hiro Racing brochures for the right price on Yahoo. Strangly, whilst many forms of styling from years past have come back in a big way, this ‘areo’ style seems to be one of the few that’s still waiting to re-emerge.


That said, I can’t really see why it hasn’t. I mean, take any of these cars, add a modern dose of low, possibly some spacers where needed and you’d have an amazing car even by today’s standards. Or possibly better yet, build one exactly like the examples here, and have a really cool daily that will never have any police attention.


But will presumably have all the attention from theĀ  … ladies …


But of course, there’s another side entirely to Hiro, the silhouette style. With crazy exterior parts like bonnet fins and huge skirts, teamed with jacket style grilles and these awesome wheels produced by SSR, it’s easy to see why this style made a big impact back in the day.


Packed with all the crazy extravagance of the period race cars, with an attitude bursting with personality and style, Hiro was one of the few companies around to really get this look right, and still today their parts from this period fetch big dollars.



Though, I suppose that’s not super surprising when you see what the wheels alone were going for at the end of ’85.


Not to mention all of the other culture you could purchase to complete the look. Man, if only modern companies sold velcro wallets, jumpsuits and bum-bags. Wouldn’t the world be an better place?

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