1612 copyHarley’s new SA22C – Morning Session – 14/7/15

As good as the old, white SA22C was, when its motor popped earlier in the year, it marked a good time to say goodbye to the old shell. After stripping the body of all its good parts, the white shell was scrapped, and replaced with this tidy red body. Still running the standard 12A, this shakedown was a good indicator of what practice behind the wheel can achieve, with fast entries and consistent angle throughout the morning.   I’m really keen to see what’s ahead for this thing.

1626 copy1624 copy1610 copy16271618 copy1617 copy1623 copy1611 copy1615 copy1621 copy1619 copy1614 copy1620 copy


Shot using a Mamiya 645 w/ 80mm f1.9 on Fuji FP-100C instant film.

Still not dead.

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