McLaren 650s Spider – Yokohama Cosmo Clock 21

I had an odd realization recently, mainly pertaining to this site … and that is that I have never really mentioned or posted photos of anything new or luxurious here. Thing is, access for me wasn’t really an issue, for some reason I just never had the drive.

Until very recently I’ve been working as a photographer for a large automotive sales platform. My role involved traveling into dealerships and photographing their inventory and uploading the images to their respective online accounts. It was a job I really enjoyed, and it meant that I had the opportunity to see and photograph some of the most amazing cars produced in last decade. But I never uploaded a single image here.


If I were to put my feelings into words, I guess I just don’t feel the same connection to new cars that I do old. Obviously this plays into a debate that’s existed in the automotive community for decades, whether or not design regulations and restrictions have killed the spirit of the modern car. But I really don’t think that’s what I’m feeling here. I have the utmost respect for the engineering behind something like this McLaren, and as a child I would have been in love. But as an adult … I just don’t feel a sense of magic.


I think I just see most modern cars as ‘finished’. Regardless of whether or not Kei Miura has designed a kit for it, most high-end cars have a level of design finish that really doesn’t allow the average person to add an artistic flourish of their own. And honestly, throwing a body kit onto a Ferrari or similar doesn’t really answer this point in my mind, it’s simply just changing the designer at the helm of the ship. The car’s owner still isn’t the artist, the designer … just the producer.


Cars that I love; that really hit home for me are those built with vision and spirit. Who spins the spanners isn’t the issue, but cars that are crafted with love and respect, ingenuity and creativity … they’re the cars I remember. And in-turn, the cars that will continue to appear here. Or maybe I’m just a kid who can’t appreciate what I can’t attain …


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