Mooneyes Shop – 2015

So, before we dive into photos from the Yokohama International Hotrod Show 2015, I thought I might throw up a quick post of photos from Mooneyes Yokohama Itself. I’ve covered the shop previously in a twopart post where I tried to show off as much of the store as possible. So, this time round it’s really just a few photos from the yard.


That said, keen eyed viewers may notice a fairly big change to the shop from the last photo set. That’s right! Renovations to the exterior of Mooneyes Area-1 are finally complete, which is pretty cool.


They also now have smoothie covers available for push bikes! So cool!


Alright so you’re probably picking up on the padding going on. Well you see, the this post isn’t really about the store itself. It’s not about their products, or their people. It’s not even about this (amazing) van. It’s about a little Daihatsu that I’d not seen in person before.


The Midget II isn’t exactly a common car on the streets of Japan, that said, this little thing is pretty much my fav Diahatsu in existence. Until this point I’d never seen one in person, and I was only aware of the utility variations, not the ‘cargo’ model as seen here. Then, to see one in Mooneyes trim, this was something special.


Most Mooneyes Japan cars are sort-of … odd. Whilst there certainly are a few cali-style hotrods around, Mooneyes Yokohama seems to have a really cool sense of humor about their cars, many of them full of spirit and fun. This thing is certainly no exception, with tiny 10-inch? Moon-Disks …


And gorgeous pin-striping by none-other than ‘Wildman’ himself.


Inside the little van, a tiny Grant wheel, and a big-ol’ Mooneyes Shift-knob.


I suppose the other reason I’m posting this is to … sort of set the tone for my coverage of the show last year. Whilst most people seemed to drool over the ‘tough’ cars, I seem to always find myself gravitating towards the oddball stuff, like this little guy. Hopefully you can appreciate it as well, and will enjoy the show coverage, coming soon!

– Lauren xx.

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