Miserable People at a Tokyo Theme Park

Sometimes, despite the best intentions and goodwill from an audience or group of users, people will just have a bad time. As was my honest, personal experience of a certain American theme park situated in Tokyo. Unfortunately, my take on the park was pretty darn lousy.


But really, it was probably just my fault for having the wrong attitude. I mean, they have innovative ride booking systems on hand …


Spectacular entertainment, completely in-line with consumers expectations and popular franchises …


Great food at reasonable prices …


And gifts for the whole family. Even great gifts for girls like this mouse-shaped kitchen sponge!


But, as I looked around, I did start to wonder if I was the only person not having a fantastic day. And so, I started taking snaps of people I thought might also be (like me) wondering why they bothered attending this wretched place … these are their stories …

Baw Baw!


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