Box-Car Meet – 2012

Last weekend I hitched a ride in my mate’s little white Mira, to a little social gathering of unusual cars; the first ‘Box Car Meet’.

The meet/cruise began at DFO, with a couple of Kei-Class Daihatsu’s and three Nissan Cubes.

Then off we went, to a world of smiles and stares from members of the public.

Even as we cruised along the motorway to Mt Coot-Tha, it was really cool to see the confused faces of road users as they checked out our little convoy.

This continued as we traveled up and around the mountain, with cyclists and joggers stopping to smirk at our little rolling city of cubes.

That said, how can you not grin when you see such an awesome little troupe heading up the mountain!

Once we arrived at the Mt Coot-Tha lookout, everyone got out to have a good old yarn.

The small numbers actually created a really nice social vibe at the mountain top, with the drivers all chatting about their unique little creations.

It was also really cool to see how different each one of these cubes were, down to the finest detail.

That said, there were some other pretty huge differences between the cars that attended.

Before we all headed down to Harry’s Diner for a feed, we all met up at a small gravel area halfway down the mountain for a few final photos. Overall it was an excellent meet, and hopefully one that will be held again soon.

  1. Love the pictures. Even though it was a small group, it was a good afternoon. Still, love the little daihatsu’s!

    1. Love this once my Kei is done I’m keen!!!!

      1. Not sure when the next meet will be, but the last one was organized through the JDMST and Downshift forums, so i would keep an eye out on those. What are you building if you don’t mind my asking?

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