Fat Fitment’s Slammed Sunday No. 2 – 10/3/13

Held last Sunday, Fat Fitment’s Slammed Sunday No. 2 was one of the best meets that I have been to in the last twelve months. Not only was it filled with cool cars, at a shopping center location, but it also just had a much more social feel than some of the recent Downshift meets have had.

Although I normally will bring my Silvia out to these events to ‘show-off’, my good friend Levi offered me a ride to the meet in his little Mira, a car that might be familiar to some of you.

Honestly, I was really thankful for the lift, as I was feeling slightly anxious about my photography for the night. So, after a quick adjustment of stickers, we headed off.

The reason for the trepidation was simple, I had set myself a bit of a challenge for the evening. Very recently, after the death of one of my digital bodies, I decided to purchase an old Canon T70, 35mm film camera. Having never used any form of film before, I decided that this meet should be my trial by fire.

Equipped with a handful of ‘fast’ lenses and some ISO 800 film, I was determined to not only shoot this meet with film, but I was also going to do it hand-held and without flash. Still, as we cruised over the gateway, anxiety became excitement.

For good reason too! As we rolled into the car-park, we were again welcomed by a venue filled to the brim with rad cars, and chilled people.

So, we parked up, checked out the RC drifting, and then began strolling through all the awesome cars.

Sadly, this old Jag was on its way out as we arrived, but it still had to be one of the coolest cars at the venue. So damn menacing!

A little bit of sibling rivalry was obvious too.

Although there really aren’t too many well-built ‘euro’ cars in QLD, but that is certainly made up for in the quality of execution.

This Y31 Cima again caught my attention. New wheels soon?

And who can ignore a rad little Datsun truck.

This old Merc had people frothing from isles over.

It’s not hard to understand why either, with the perfect mix of class, personality and a lot of low.

It’s funny how much wheel choice can change the look of a car. Being so used to seeing old Zed’s on 15″ Watanabes’, I’m still shocked at how cool (and possibly modern?) these cars can be made to look with larger wheels in a similar style.

I loved this old beetle too! Really nice and clean, with a dusting of Moon Eyes stuff.

As with any night-time meet, the local police came by to make sure that no-one was causing too much of a ruckus. Although they still do roll on through these events, most of these officers are good blokes, who also just want to check out the cool cars.

Ash also brought his NA drift car down for the show too, freshly fitted with a new cage.

I’m told that this car should be getting a bit of a transformation in the next few months, by way of wheels and a new spoiler. Can’t wait!

This CRX was also a standout for me. Sadly, I didn’t manage to capture any pics of it before it began to leave, but this hatch was sitting on what looked to be Hayashi Street wheels. Very different, but very cool.

Honestly, I’m totally out of my depth when it comes to this beautiful old lady, but with all the polished steel, and the perfect, gleaming body, I couldn’t not take a snap.

Although the AE86 coupe might not be as much of a cult car as the hatch, I think I might prefer it.

Awesome little stanced Colt.

And one of the cleanest Datsun sedans i have seen in a long while. Still, the serious set of gauges suggested that there might be a lot of power hiding under the classic exterior.

For me though, this ’32 was the undisputed standout. Sitting on some appropriately 90’s Work Equip wheels …

With a classic Bride driver’s seat …

And that awesome paint, what’s not to love about this?

PS: I had duplicate prints made from the original negatives, so If you would like a physical copy of one of these photos, just let me know. In terms of pricing, you’d be looking at $2.00 per picture, posted anywhere in Aus. Just shoot me an email at (new.crusade@gmail.com) and I will sort something out for you. 😉

  1. that old green thing is a Humber Super Snipe i think

    did you shoot these pics on film?

    1. Haha! Cool, I think your right! Yeah, all of this was shot on Fuji 35mm 800ISO film.

      1. This car is mine, it’s a 1967 Humber Super Snipe Series 5. She is in original condition, but is a tank to drive because of the 2 tons of steel in the body. It is great to see someone liking it!

        1. It’s such a beautiful car, It’s a real testament to you, and I really don’t think you should be surprised by the love and attention it received at the event. That said, with that much weight in the body, I can see why it would be rather awkward to drive haha.

  2. Pretty boss shooting in film man! I don’t trust myself with shooting film at night.

    1. Cheers man, but honestly unless I can do it again, I think I’m going to have to chalk this one up as being a fluke. There wasn’t any ‘dry run’ involved, and I’d only had the camera for a week (basically) and the film for a day. I just took a guess, figured that if I only use my F1.8 50mm and my F2.8 24mm prime lenses, I might get away with it. Still, will have to see how it goes next time. 🙂

      Also, thanks heaps for adding me to your blogroll on your site, I really appreciate it mate. It’s kind of humbling to look at your crisp clean action photos and think that someone that could take those shots would be interested in my little blog lol. 😛

      But yeah, cheers mate. 😀

  3. Likewise dude! We’ve all got to start somewhere right? Been shooting for three years now & I still see that I need improvement, comparing my images to other people’s ones.

    Keep up the good work dude. Will keep an eye out for more posts.

    1. Thanks mate, and same to you.

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