Flashback – Dan’s old S13 Silvia

Sadly I don’t have many photos to share on this one, just the above image, and the one below. Still, this car will always be really special to me, as it was honestly my introduction to both shakotan and 90’s drift styling. With the deep Enkei EK32 wheels, fiberglass front lip, a small wooden steering wheel and that massive Hakone style wing, this car became a real inspiration for me.

Featuring a mildly modded RB20DET, Dan used this old rig to not only pull some impressive times over at Lakeside, but also made a record or two over at the Mt Cotton Hill-climb.  On other days though, this Silvia could be seen breaking traction at Short-Track, or even at Archerfield.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/36326505 w=830&h=476]


Sadly, Dan sold the car last year, but it will always be remembered. The above video contains a bit of gymkhana footage I managed to capture at one of the early Downshift meets, before they moved to Rocklea. I hope you enjoy it.

– As a side note, I recently had a few old magazines arrive from Japan, so expect to see some awesome scans being thrown up in the coming weeks.

  1. Love the NASCAR style window mesh!
    Would’ve been awesome to see this Silvia with those wide steelies fitted.

    1. Haha yeah, hopefully we will see them fitted to something amazing one day. 🙂

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